Photo Source: Public Domain

Photo Source: Public Domain

Troy helmet

Our Troy helmet can also be called the Trojan helmet. It’s one of the most popular historical helmets of all time. Because of its attractive design and finish, a lot of collectors and enthusiasts aim to acquire this specific piece.

This helmet of ours sports an attractively antique exterior that’s made to be durable and tough. Inside, we ensure that it’s comfortable to wear even for longer periods.

Like all our other helmets and armor, the Troy helmet can be utilized as a centerpiece in your home. Or you can wear it for a variety of events.

Today, our Troy helmets are mostly utilized for decorative purposes. And, it’s made beautifully and intricately to impress every other enthusiast or collector out there.

Our helmet is crafted similarly to how it was made in the past. Its authentic and antique-like design, combined with lovely shades and its plumes make for a great replica of the original.

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The Appearance of the Troy Helmet

As previously mentioned, our helmet features a sleek and attractive black finish. It provides a textured and rugged look to the helmet to give off an antique vibe to the piece. The dark shade of metal protects our helmet from rust, thus, keeping it durable too.

Aside from its aesthetics and form, we guarantee that our Troy helmet is comfortable to use. It’s also made from steel to ensure that it’ll retain its shape for the years to come. Due to its comfort, you won’t need to wear an additional arming cap for it. You’ll find an adjustable strap as well, to conveniently fit the helmet along the chin.

To replicate the original piece, we’ve included blunt cheek plates on each side of the helmet. These hang off the area just like how the classic Troy helmet’s cheek plates did. A nose guard is also present to increase its authentic appeal.

Additionally, our helmet comes with a lovely shiny finish, making it a great piece for display.

Photo Source: Public Domain

Red and Black Plume

Of course, we’ve included the red and black plume at the top of the helmet. It’s to increase the features and aesthetics of our helmet.

Its plume has a tail that trails off down the helmet’s rear. Instead of just one color, we decided to give it an alternating black and red shade for more appeal.

Today, our plumes on helmets are simply for decoration. Yet in history, these were vital for a warrior going out to battle.

It was essential for their ranks as well.

The plumes were present to make the Spartan soldiers look taller, intimidating, and imposing in battles.

Together with their crests, the plumes identified the unit and ranks of the soldiers as well.

Overall, our Troy helmet is excellent both in style and form since it replicates the traditional piece.

Photo Source: Public Domain

The Troy Helmet’s Measurements and Customizations

Our Troy Helmet is made of 1.2-millimeter thick mild steel. From ear to ear, it measures 17.5 centimeters, while its front to back measurement is 22 centimeters.

This helmet has a total circumference of 64 centimeters and weighs 2 kilograms.

You can also have our Troy helmet with a customized circumference. Also, you can choose from 18 or 20 gauge for the sheet’s thickness.

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The Historical Troy Helmet

A Trojan helmet or Troy helmet originates from Ancient Greece, in the famous city of Troy. It was mostly preferred by the Greek military soldiers from the sixth until the eighth century.

The soldiers also utilized this helmet during the famous Trojan war, which took place during the Bronze Age.

Generally, the ancient Troy helmet was bronze, but other constructed helmets were black, silver, or brass.

The Troy helmet’s design was impressive, and it allowed individuals to determine a warrior’s rank. It was easier for them to determine other warriors with the plume when the battlefields were full of dust clouds.

Not only that, but the plume made the wearer appear taller, which effectively intimidated opponents. Usually, the plume was red, orange, or black.

With the numerous Greek-themed films, medieval helmets like our Troy helmet have become popular today. Fans of history and medieval pieces seek replicas of these headgears to add to their collection.

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Our Troy helmet and the rest of our products are accurately crafted, looking just like the historical pieces. We also make use of carefully selected materials to ensure that we produce high-quality pieces.

Photo Source: Public Domain