Photo Source: Public Domain

Photo Source: Public Domain

Thraex Helmet

Our Thraex helmet is a replica of one of the prominent medieval helmets of history. Its body is made using mild steel, while its casting and fittings are made using brass.

The form and build of our helmet mimic that of the original ancient helmet. From its shape, design, and fittings to its decor and style, it’s just like the real thing! You’ll feel like an ancient warrior from medieval times when you wear our Thraex helmet.

So for a beautiful replica of an ancient helmet that looks like the original, go for our Thraex helmet. It’s tough on the outside yet comfortable on the inside, which makes it a perfect product to have.

Thraex Helmet Materials

Just like we mentioned, our Thraex helmet is made from mild steel, while the fittings are made from brass.

We chose mild steel for the body of our helmet since it is more cost-efficient. Aside from that, it has low carbon levels, which makes forming the steel easier. Basically, mild steel is easier to manage and work with while providing adequate toughness and durability.

To make things better, our helmet is made to be more comfortable. So, you won’t have to worry about unnecessary pressure on your head when using it. Inside, our Thraex helmet is lined with leather to give you a perfectly snug fit even during prolonged wear.

We chose this material for the lining since leather breathes. It means that it can dissipate both heat and cold quickly. So no matter what the weather is, you can wear our Thraex helmet with comfort.

Plus, leather readily absorbs and releases moisture, so it’s less clammy and sticky compared to other materials.

If you want a medieval piece that looks great and feels comfortable, our Thraex helmet is a great option. Include it in your collection of helmets or sets of medieval pieces. Or work it as the eye-catching centerpiece that decorates your home.

Photo Source: Public Domain

Looks, Design, and Exterior of the Thraex Helmet

Our Thraex Helmet is a classic replica of a gladiator’s helmet.

It appears like the authentic helmet and comes with an impressively attractive design.

With our careful and meticulous way of production, our Thraex helmet looks as perfect as the classic Thraex gladiator helmet.

Once you flaunt this piece, it will surely be the envy of other enthusiasts.

When it comes to the design of our helmet, it features a huge brim.

It works as a form of protection, which was essential for the warriors of ancient time.

Looking at the front portion, the helmet entirely covers your face when you wear it.

It does have eye holes for you to see, and these feature gold mesh-like coverings as well.

With these features, you’ll get to see through the helmet clearly and with more comfort. Do note that our helmet’s mesh is also made out of brass.

Photo Source: Public Domain

Dimensions and Customization Options for the Thraex Helmet

Our Thraex helmet is sufficiently sized to provide you with the right amounts of comfort when worn. When measuring it from ear to ear, our Thraex is 19 centimeters wide. From front to back, our helmet is 23 centimeters.

The approximate circumference of this medieval helmet from MedievalArmor.Store is 66 centimeters. For its weight, our helmet is quite hefty at 2.9 kilograms.

It’s possible for any customizations to the helmet to choose your preferred measurements for the circumference and sheet thickness.

Any size will do for the circumference, as long as it’s based on your preferences. You can choose from 14, 16, 18, or 20 gauge as for the sheet thickness.

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The Thraex in History

In the past, the Thraex helmet was better known as the Thracian helm.

Its name was taken from the warriors of Thrace. The Thracians were Roman gladiators who also wielded the Thracian-styled shield known as the parmula. The shield was shaped in a circular, square, or rectangular manner.

These warriors also wielded the sica (short sword) that had a slight arch to its blade. This feature of the sword was for aiming at the enemy’s unprotected back.

These warriors wore ornate Thraex helmets with tall crests that terminated in the head of the griffin. It was designed with feathers worn using sockets on the helmet’s sides. There was a removable plume, which could be fixed to the crest.

These warriors wore additional armor which included greaves or protection for their shoulder and arms. To add to these, they even wore protective belts at the top of loincloth.


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