Templar Helm

Our Templar Helmet is an exquisite piece based on the Great Helm of history. It’s considered a highly sought-after piece due to its prominence in the past. Thus, it makes an excellent addition to every enthusiast’s collection.

This helmet from the MedievalAmor.Store displays a huge cross pattee. This was present on the ancient helmet since it represented the order (Crusader). Aside from this piece, our helmet has a much smaller antique cross set at the center.

To add more to its aesthetic value, our Templar helmet is carefully hand-crafted using quality materials. It’s a must to use these to ensure that all the helmets we offer are durable and comfortable to wear.

Here, you won’t only find Templar helmets and the like. At the MedievalArmor.Store, you can choose matching armor and shields for your Templar helmet. This way, you can complete your full medieval gear that’ll be the envy of other enthusiasts around.

The Historical Templar Helmet

In history, the Templar helmet was worn by members of the Knights Templar. It was a massive organization of faithful Christians during the medieval period that carried out vital missions.

The main purpose of the order was to protect Europeans visiting the Holy Land’s sites. Their mission also included carrying out military operations.

They often wore the great helm over a hood or mail coil. At times, it’s used together with a snug-fitting iron skull cap called the cervelliere.

Often, the great helm was either lacquered, blackened, or painted. Plus, it was usually designed with symbols, crosses, and feathers.

Aside from being aesthetically beautiful, it was mainly designed to protect the wearer entirely. Hence, the reason for its highly durable and solid construction. It was efficient against deflecting a variety of blows.

Because of how durable, strong, and efficient the helmet was, it was impossible for the enemies to pierce through it.

Characteristics of the Templar Helm

Our Templar helmet is a simple-looking piece that exhibits a flat-topped barrel of steel.

It entirely covers your head and only has adequately-sized openings for your mouth and eyes.

In the past, this type of design later improved to better deflect

and decrease the impact of attacks.

If you’re a fan of the ancient Crusaders or have a fondness for the order, you’ve got the right choice.

That’s because our Templar helm is a perfect piece to represent them.

Our helmet was a type of medieval helmet worn by the Crusaders throughout the time of their Crusades.

We also refer to this helmet as the pot helmet since its shape is similar to that of a pot.

This Templar helmet from MedievalArmor.Store comes with a flat top, and that’s compared to our other medieval helmets available. Plus, it comes with little slots for the eyes, which were called Ocularium in the past.

It’s good to note that like the original, our Templar helmet offers quite a limited view. And like the classic piece, the only clear view would be the front of our helmet.

Here at the Medieval Armor.Store, we ensure that our Templar helmets are based, designed, and crafted like the original. Aside from having almost an identical exterior, we guarantee that our helmet and other medieval products are comfortable. Plus, they’re easy to use as well for your convenience.

Since the Templar helm was originally utilized to protect, our Templar helmet somehow mimics this as well. It comes with the same strength and durability as that of the ancient piece.

If you’re planning to use our helmet for any occasion or event, rest assured that it’ll provide maximum protection too. We make sure that all available helmets, including our Templar helmet, are fully functional, wearable, and comfy despite the enclosure.

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Here at the MedievalArmor.Store, we provide a wide range of high-quality medieval products like our Templar helm. Not only do our pieces look like the originals, but they’re durable, strong, and can withstand the test of time. Plus, our products are aesthetically pleasing, which are great for displaying in important areas of your home or office.

They’re entirely wearable too, and we ensure that these pieces, including our Templar helm, provide increased comfort. So, you can readily utilize these for any and every occasion that you can think of.

We only utilize high-quality materials when crafting our medieval pieces to ensure that our products are of premium quality. Plus, we use these as well to create stunning pieces that can last for years. So, you don’t have to worry about the Templar helmet losing its aesthetics in a short span of time.

Aside from medieval helmets, we also have replicas of shields and armor from the Middle Ages. With that, you can find more collectible items or pieces to match with our Templar helmet. Or, you can simply find other types of armor to complete your full medieval get up.