Sugarloaf helm

Our Sugarloaf helm is a piece inspired by the classic historical piece used by the Crusaders. This helmet from MedievalArmor.Store is fully wearable, functional, and is made to be comfortable. Plus, it’s durable enough to withstand wear and tear.

The helmet that we offer has an authentic and antique vibe to it due to the brushed finish strands. This greatly contrasts the brass highlights, making it a perfect piece to have in your possession.

Our Sugarloaf helm is a solidly constructed model of the original medieval helmet. It’s crafted using only the best materials, such as mild steel. Not only is it tough and strong, but our helmet is finely decorated with attractive brass fittings.

MedievalArmorStore’s Sugarloaf helm can work as a beautiful display or centerpiece in your home. Or you can add this to your collection of historical pieces as well. If you wish to wear the helmet, it’s also possible since we crafted it to be comfortable enough for use.

For reenactments, films, stage plays, and the like, you’ll never go wrong with our helmets. Plus, you can even combine it with one of our available armor and shields for the perfect medieval gear.

Materials Used for the Sugarloaf Helm

For the Sugarloaf headpiece itself, we created our helmet using mild steel. Its thickness is 1.2 millimeters, while the available brass fittings measure 1-millimeter thick.

All the materials and components used to produce our helmet has its benefits. Mild steel is lightweight, easy to work with, and has increased tensile strength. For brass, it’s corrosion and rust-resistant.

These materials combined to produce our beautiful Sugarloaf helm will provide you with the best helmet you can ever have.

Sizes and Customization

Our Sugarloaf helm is a bit bigger compared to our other helmets available.

From ear to ear, it measures 20 centimeters. When measuring from front to back, the helmet has a measurement of 25 centimeters.

For the circumference, our Sugarloaf helm measures approximately 68 centimeters and weighs a total of 2.2 kilograms.

For convenience and for you to have the best helmet,

you can opt for your own sizes for the Sugarloaf. So whatever circumference you think fits best, you can request for that.

When we speak of the sheet thickness, you can opt for 12, 14, 16, 18, or 20 gauge.

The Appearance of Our Sugarloaf Helm

Our Sugarloaf helm takes its name from its own form. The shape carefully recreates and exhibits a specific type of soldier’s great helm from the ancient medieval period.

When you look at our Sugarloaf helm, it appears quite similar to our Great Helm. In the past, the latter was an iconic piece utilized by the Crusaders as well.

Also, in history, the Sugarloaf helm was categorized along with helmets and armor that were produced to be cost-efficient. This was simultaneous to them offering increased levels of protection to the wearer.

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Our Sugarloaf Helm for Various Uses

Overall, our helm is a solid and durable protective gear. It comes with an adjustable chin strap made of leather, allowing you to securely and comfortably wear the helmet.

You can utilize our Sugarloaf helm for numerous things. It’s a versatile piece that can be used as a prominent decor for your home. Or, you can simply add it to your collection of fine medieval products.

If not, these can be worn for various activities such as reenactments, stage plays, and events like LARP.

Our Sugarloaf helm creates a unique aesthetic once worn or when displayed. That’s because of its eye-catching conical shape. To add to its charm, a cross inlay is added over our helmet’s eye slits.

MedievalArmor.Store’s Sugarloaf helm may appear compact and lacks ventilation. But of course, we ensure that even when worn, you’ll get adequate ventilation and comfort. This is due to the numerous holes that are present along the mouth area.

Since we carefully crafted every section of the product, the outcome of our Sugarloaf helm is a well-designed piece. It’s a must-have piece for every enthusiast to include in their medieval collection.

History of the Sugarloaf Helm

The Sugarloaf helm is a variant of the Great Helm, an evolution of the nasal helm in 1180. The Great Helm featured a square profile and a flat top. From this, the enclosed helmet was developed by the end of the 12th century.

From a nasal helmet, a full faceplate with pierced holes for providing vision and ventilation was created. After several years, it was replaced by the True Great Helm, which became more popular.

Eventually, the Sugarloaf helmet featuring a conical top was produced. It was introduced in the Iberian Peninsula in Spain, also known as yelmo de

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