Photo Source: Public Domain

Photo Source: Public Domain

Sallet helmet

Our Sallet helmet gorgeously exhibits the prestige and charm of the ancient medieval period. We crafted this piece using mild steel and we gave it a finish that shows off an antique look.

This Sallet helm from the MedievalArmor.Store displays the classic appeal of the original helmet from history. It’s an excellent item to use and wear, or put on display to show off one’s collection. Plus, it’s a great way to recognize the prominence of the gear utilized by brave warriors of ancient times.

Aspects of the Sallet Helm

Our Sallet helmet, as mentioned, is made from mild steel. It has a total thickness of 1.2 millimeters which is adequate for a solidly-built and tough helmet. Inside our Sallet helmet, we made use of leather linings to increase the comfort when you decide to wear it.

Aside from keeping you comfortable, this feature allows the helmet to still work as a form of protective gear. And the great thing about it is that it still works efficiently against accidental hits or blows.

When it comes to mild steel, it’s the material we used for our helmet since it is lightweight. And since it has high tensile strength, the steel creates a durable helmet that can last the test of time.

The skull of our Sallet helmet comes with a perfectly comfortable shape to fit your head adequately. The front of this piece features a visor that you can easily pull back for a better view. Though like the real thing the visor comes with slits that lets you see even when the visor’s pulled down.

In the past, these visors were necessary to better protect the wearers eyes. Some attacks were aimed towards the user’s face which can easily damage their eyes in the process. But with the visor’s, they could easily protect and deflect blows from enemies.

In addition to these, our Sallet helmet comes with a leather chin strap. It’s an essential feature even today since it keeps the helmet in place when you wear it.

With that, you won’t need to worry about it falling off or moving unnecessarily. If you’re utilizing it for display, the straps will show the completeness of our piece. It also exhibits how it perfectly replicates the original.

Photo Source: Public Domain

Size, Weight, and Sallet Helmet Customizations

The standard measurements of our Sallet helmet begins from ear to ear. It measures 49 centimeters while from front to rear is 23 centimeters.

It’s circumference is approximately 66 centimeters and weighs a total of 1.8 kilograms.

Since we ensured to give the helmet the best fit possible, you can expect to have a comfortable-fitting Sallet right out of the box.

When it comes to customizations, you can alter the measurements for the sheet thickness and circumference.

You can choose from 16, 18, or 20 gauge for the sheet thickness, while any circumference size is allowed.

As long as it fits you perfectly and is up to your preferences, then go for that size.

Photo Source: Public Domain

Later Developments of the Ancient Sallet

The Sallet, which was also called the schaller, celata, or salade, was a prominent battle helmet. At some point in history, it entirely replaced the bascinet as a protective gear used by warriors. It was mostly favored and utilized in the middle of the 15th century.

As time passed, the Sallet almost became the universal helmet in Germany, though it was just as popular in other areas. These include countries like France and Italy which were places that had warriors who widely used the armet.

And through contact in such areas, the Sallet eventually grew more popular. With that, it was considered as a must-have in England and even in the Netherlands. Soon enough, the helmet was adopted in Germany as well.

Because of its prominence in these areas, craftsmen soon developed regional styles for the Sallet. Such developments were done by huge armor manufacturing areas in Southern Germany and Northern Italy as well.

Our helmets


Here at the MedievalArmor.Store, we don’t only offer Sallet helmets for your medieval needs. We have a wide collection of other medieval helmets that you can add to your growing arsenal of classic pieces.

Choose your preferred medieval helmet which you can use as a centerpiece in the most important part of your home. Or, you can wear these along with a matching armor and shield to show off your complete medieval knight gear.

You can use our medieval pieces for a variety of things. But no matter what you use it for, expect to have a sturdy, durable, and high-quality helmet made by us.

Match our Sallet with one of our finely-made armor pieces and choose a shield from our collection as well.

For our helmets, we offer customization, which is excellent if you plan to wear it. Having our helmets sized according to your preferences will make the helmet feel comfortable when worn.

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