Photo Source: Public Domain

Photo Source: Public Domain

Roman Cavalry Helmet

Our Roman cavalry helmet is a stunning and attractive replica of the original medieval piece from the past. We mimicked the real helmet’s design and the accessories that were present on these.

With that, you’ll find a rounded crown on our Roman cavalry helmet. You’ll also see a thick band that serves as an additional form of protection when worn. These were vital in the past since each part increased the defense of the user from enemy blows.

Characteristics of Our Roman Cavalry Helmet

Our Roman cavalry helmet is a finely made replica of the classic and original Roman cavalry helmet.

The rounded crown on the helmet serves as a decorative piece in this day and age. However, it was once used to divert attacks from the user’s head.

The thick band that’s present on our helmet keeps the helmet held together in place. Yet originally, it also functioned to enhance the protection of the user. It was essential for preventing assaults or debris on the wearer’s face.

Like the original helmet, ours features cheek protectors that drape nicely along the sides of the piece. It keeps the ears and eyes concealed while adding more security and protection to your face when the helmet’s worn.

Looking at the rear portion of our Roman cavalry helmet, you’ll see a long flap that also protects the nape. In the past, it was very much essential for protecting the wearer’s nape from trauma due to rear attacks.

Materials Used for Our Roman Cavalry Helmet

As mentioned, our Roman cavalry helmet and other medieval products are made only with quality materials.

That also includes the different decor and embellishments that are present on our helmet.

We only utilize quality materials to provide you with excellent pieces that will last for years.

Plus, we only want to give you the best to experience the vibe of a true Roman cavalry warrior.

When it comes to the finish of our helmet, it provides a classic and antique-like aesthetic to it.

This adds to the piece’s artistic value, making it a great piece to display.

Our High-Quality Roman Cavalry Helmet

Like the original Roman cavalry helmet, our replica is only made using the right materials to produce a sturdy product. It has a nice finish and feels to it. This, in turn, gives off a classy yet premium vibe to increase its artistic value.

Although it has that authentic and antique look, our Roman cavalry helmet still appears nice and polished. Thus, making it a perfect decorative piece to have for every collector who loves the medieval era armor.

The material used for our helmet is mild steel, and it has a thickness of 1.2 millimeters. It’s enough to keep the form of the helmet without it getting deformed easily.

We use mild steel to create our helmet since it’s suitable for a variety of applications. It’s also referred to as plain or low carbon steel due to its decreased carbon content.

Despite that, it works great for creating pieces such as our Roman cavalry helmet. Plus, the products are durable pieces that can withstand wear-and-tear. In the past, the original Roman cavalry helmets were also made out of other materials like iron.

Because of the materials used, our Roman cavalry helmet is completely functional, wearable, and comfortable. Not only that, but our helmet comes with iron rivets to add to its aesthetics and toughness as well.

Our helmets

Available Customizations

Our Roman cavalry helmet allows for customizations depending on your needs and preferences. Choose a sheet thickness of either 18 or 20 gauge, while the circumference all depends on what’s comfortable for you.

The History of the Roman Cavalry Helmet

The historical Roman cavalry helmet takes its name from the Roman cavalry. The term refers to the horse-mounted warriors of the Romans who fought throughout the Republican, Regal, and Imperial periods.

These soldiers wore helmets that were very similar to that of the infantry’s pieces. Yet the difference between them was the added protection to the ears and more ornaments on the Roman cavalry helmet.

This type of medieval armor dates all the way back to the late 2nd/early 3rd century AD. It was acquired close to Crosby Garrett, Cumbria, England.

It’s said that the helmet may have been folded up then deliberately discarded in some artificial stone structure. The piece was believed to have been essential for ceremonial use instead of combat.

Plus, the helmet may have already been categorized as an antique by the moment it was buried. It’s categorized under the same type of helmet as the Newstead Helmet that was found in the year 1905. Plus, the design has some likeness with the Ribchester Helmet and Hallaton Helmet.

However, the Roman cavalry helmet’s facial features were more similar to the helmets found in the southern areas of Europe.

Photo Source: Public Domain