Photo Source: Public Domain

Photo Source: Public Domain

Pickelhaube helmet

Our Pickelhaube helmet is a durable and entirely wearable medieval piece that’s made of steel. It’s shaped adequately to fit you perfectly and comfortably. Our helmet’s design mimics that of the classic Pickelhaube helmet, making it an excellent addition to your collection.

Specs and Size of This Pickelhaube Helmet

When measuring our Pickelhaube helmet from ear to ear and front to back, it measures 19cm and 23cm, respectively. For its weight, it measures a total of 1.2kg.

The helmet comes with a standard sheet thickness of 18/20 gauge.

The Pickelhaube Helmet Material

As mentioned, our Pickelhaube helmet is made using mild steel that measures 1.2mm or a total of 18 gauge. It sports a brass fitting that’s about 1.2mm thick. With that, you can guarantee that our helmet is tough, sturdy, and durable, no matter where you use it.

Mild steel is also referred to as low carbon steel. It’s also sometimes called plain carbon steel. This material is the most commonly utilized steel today since it’s affordable yet strong.

Aside from being cost-efficient and tough, this steel can offer the right amount of material properties for various applications. Not only that, but it’s malleable and ductile enough due to carbon content.

Customizations and Measurements

If you plan to get our Pickelhaube helmet but want to make customizations to it, they’re available in our shop. Parts you can customize include the sheet thickness and circumference.

The sheet thickness can be either 18 or 20 gauge, while the circumference all depends on your preference. The standard circumference of the helmet is around 66cm and weighs 1.2kg.

Photo Source: Public Domain

The Pickelhaube Helmet’s Design and Characteristics

Our Pickelhaube helmet is a perfectly-formed piece that is made for wearing on various occasions.

It’s nicely polished with fittings that are made using gold, adding to its traditional appearance.

Looking at our helmet’s design, it features a spike at the top of the head. We’ve captured this specific look to replicate how the helmet appeared in the past.

The design was quite popular during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Aside from its spike, we also featured the sloped back that was also present in the past. This was to secure the user’s nape from sudden attacks during battles.

It can also serve as a form of protection, especially during reenactments.

Photo Source: Public Domain

To ensure that each part of our helmet is held together, we use screws to secure them firmly in place. The sides aren’t enclosed, allowing your cheeks and ears some air when you wear the helmet.

Aside from these, our Pickelhaube helmet comes with cockades on the sides. They’re decorated with black cockades on each side plus golden fittings featuring various designs for added aesthetics.

The cockades are vital for holding and securing the chin straps. These are also set on the sides of our Pickelhaube helmet. To increase its traditional aesthetics, we added a golden eagle emblem at the front part of the helm.

These are common fittings seen on ancient medieval helmets.

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The Pickelhaube Helmet in History

When it comes to the original and classic Pickelhaube helmet, it was also called the Pickelhelm. This piece was a unique protective gear because of its spike at the top of the head.

It was a common helmet worn during the 19th and 20th centuries by the German police, military, and even firefighters.

Traditionally, these helmets were made using hardened leather that was given a good glossed black finish. Adding to its aesthetics, the helm had reinforced metal trimmings that were plated with silver or gold for the officers. Additionally, it had a metallic spike at the crown as well.

These crowns were often seen in the earlier versions of the Pickelhaube helmet. But as time passed, its height gradually decreased as the helm featured a more fitted form. Aside from this, it was also reduced due to decreasing the helmet’s weight and cost-saving.

Another decorative design that the original helmet has was the Prussian Eagle. It was used as a form of an escutcheon. An escutcheon is a decorative plate utilized as a form of covering. Aside from this, it was also vital for representing Prussia’s king as the German Empire’s dynasty.

These ancient Pickelhaube helmets were often connected to the Prussian Army. However, this specific helmet was greatly mimicked by many different armies during that time.

Photo Source: Public Domain

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