Photo Source: Public Domain

Photo Source: Public Domain

Phrygian helmet

Our Phrygian helmet is one of the popular medieval helmets at MedievalArmor.Store. This is due to its unique appearance that somewhat resembles the classic Thracian helmet from ancient Greece.

The Phrygian helmet from our shop looks just like the original helmet from the past. Not only that, but we also made sure that it offers adequate protection when you wear it too. Of course, 100% comfort is ensured so you can wear the helmet longer for various occasions.

Since we replicated the piece to perfectly match the ancient Phrygian, it’ll be a great addition to anyone’s collection.

If you want to have your Phrygian helmet, you’re just one click away from including it in your collection!

Mild Steel and the Phrygian Helmet

We ensure that our Phrygian helmet is tough, durable, and offers the right amount of protection. To achieve this, we only use top-notch materials to create it.

The thickness of the mild steel that we use for the helmet is 12 millimeters. We also utilize this material since it has lesser carbon content compared to other types.

Because of this, mild steel is ductile and malleable, making it easier to form, perfecting the shape of the helmet. Additionally, it’s tough enough to give you the right amount of protection against unwanted hits.

This is why it’s our preferred material for creating our Phrygian helmet.

Photo Source: Public Domain

Classic Image of the Phrygian Helmet

To give you the perfect replica of the Phrygian helmet, we ensured to pattern it out perfectly from the original.

The classic helmet came from the Hellenistic period and was among the favored helmets back then.

Our Phrygian helmet replicated the original helmet’s sloped and heightened top that appears with a conical shape.

Do note that the tip of this section is tilted a bit forward. We did this to provide the helmet a unique design like the original.

The rear portion of the helmet is slightly sloped, whereas the front of our Phrygian helmet displays a small brim.

You can find this along the eyebrows since it was used as a form of protection in the past.

Photo Source: Public Domain

Specifically, the classic Phrygian helmet required this brim to deflect blows that may hit the user’s eyes. It was also vital to prevent any falling objects from touching this area of the wearer’s face.

Today, this part of our helmet serves as a decorative piece to better mimic the original.

Most helmets that replicated feature cheek protectors, but our Phrygian helmet instead has a full-face protector. Of course, it has adequately-sized openings for the eyes, nose, and mouth area.

We made sure to position these spaces adequately to avoid compromising your breathing and vision. With that, you can comfortably see and breathe when wearing this piece from us.

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Helmet Measurements and Customizations

For a Phrygian helmet that’s not only beautiful and tough, but we also ensure that all of its measurements are adequate. During the creation of our helmet, expert hands make sure to properly shape and form the helmet’s body. It’s to guarantee a great fit when you decide to wear our Phrygian helmet.

When it comes to our helmet measurements, it measures 19 centimeters from one ear to the other. From front to back, the helmet is 23 centimeters. The total weight of our helmet is 1.5 kilograms, while the circumference is around 66 centimeters.

Customizations for a Better Fit

You can freely customize our Phrygian helmet for a better and more comfortable fit based on your preference and liking. You can either choose the thickness of the sheet, alter the circumference, or have both customized.

For the sheet, you can choose a thickness of 18 or 20 gauge. As for the circumference, it all depends on what you prefer. Just ensure that it’s the size you prefer and are comfortable with, so you won’t have issues wearing our helmet.

You can utilize our Phrygian helmet for a variety of events or occasions. It’s finely and perfectly made to look like the original, which will make this piece ideal for reenactments and such. Of course, it’ll also look great as part of your collection.

But no matter what you do, our Phrygian helmet is a great piece to have. You can even pair it with one of our medieval armor or shields that are available.

Photo Source: Public Domain

The Historical Phrygian Helmet

The Phrygian helmet acquired its name from its distinct exterior. Its form is different from other medieval helmets since it resembles the caps from the Phrygians of Asia Minor.

It was a widely utilized medieval helmet in areas like Dacia, Thrace, Magna Graecia, and the Hellenistic world. Interestingly, it even became a popular helmet in the Roman Empire.

In the past, these helmets were utilized by the Macedonian cavalry. The Phrygian helmet was also worn to represent Alexander the Great’s infantry troops.

The Phrygian helmet was predominantly utilized well towards the end of the Classical period too. Then it was continuously used further into the Hellenistic period. That’s until it replaced the early Corinthian-style helmets of the 5th century.