Photo Source: Public Domain

Photo Source: Public Domain

Montefortino helmet

One of the earliest Medieval helmets of time is the Montefortino helmet – a kind of Celtic, then later Roman helm. Of course, this helmet is part of our collection of Medieval pieces that you can choose from.

This was a war helmet utilized around 300 BC, then lasted until the 1st century AD. To note, it’s a helmet named after the Montefortino region in Italy, where the very first Montefortino helmet was seen.

Characteristics of Our Montefortino Helmet

Our Montefortino helmet sports an attractively intricate design that’s based close to the traditional helmet of history. It comes with a rounded cap just like the original, which was excellent for deflecting blows to the head.

It’s also a short-knobbed helmet that’s featured at the top. Today, it may come off as just for decorative purposes, but it was necessary for defensive measures in the past.

Looking at our Montefortino helmet, it has a wider rim compared to some other helmets. This was a design used before to divert various assaults that can easily remove the helmet from the user.

You’ll see that there are cheek guards present as well, which are fixed to the helmet’s design. The nice thing about the Montefortino helmet is that it has adequate space for the eyes and nose. When worn, you’ll get a better view and enhanced comfort.

Our Montefortino helmet comes with a neck guard that sticks out nicely.

Today, the design of the helmet is entirely for aesthetics. In history, these features were vital for protecting the wearer.

Materials and Exterior

Our helmet is made using brass and comes with a nicely-polished finish with golden hints. This adds to the helmet’s beauty and aesthetic value.

Brass comes with many benefits, like increased malleability compared to zinc and bronze. Using this material for our helmet allows the creation of it to be easier. The right shape of the helmet can be formed easily, giving you the perfect Montefortino helmet.

Additionally, we utilized brass for easier cleaning and maintenance, making it easier to keep the helmet looking pristine. The most you can do to clean our helmet for most cleaning is using warm water and a washcloth.

Because of its natural beauty, brass gives our Montefortino helmet its traditional look, making it an excellent centerpiece for display.

If you’re wondering about the thickness of the brass utilized for the helmet, it’s crafted with 1.2mm of brass. We also included leather liners to the helmet to mimic the original.

Photo Source: Public Domain

Helmet Size and Customizations

When it comes to our Montefortino helmet’s size, it has a circumference of 66cm and measures 19cm from one ear to another.

From front to back, the helmet is 23cm. For its overall weight, our Montefortino helmet is 1.4kg.

If you aren’t too fond of these sizes, don’t worry because customizations are possible. You can choose to alter its sheet thickness to an 18 or 20 gauge.

When it comes to the circumference of our helmet, it can be altered depending on your preference.

Photo Source: Public Domain

Why Choose Our Montefortino Helmet

If you’re someone who loves collecting medieval items such as helmets, it’s best to go for our Montefortino helmet.

Why? Simply because we ensure that it’s as accurate as the original helmet from history and is made using quality materials.

It’s also not all about looks. Our helmet is comfortable to wear, and you can utilize it for different purposes as you please. Due to it being an accurately constructed replica, you can show it off proudly to your other fellow enthusiasts around.

Adding our Montefortino helmet to your medieval collection makes for a great investment as well. It won’t only add to the value of your current collection but will become the envy of others.

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Made to Perfection

All of our medieval helmets are hand-crafted to replicate the originals from history. These are also hand-forged using top-notch materials to ensure that you receive a historically-accurate product.

We have highly skilled craftsmen working with us and designers and artisans with years of experience and expertise. Each of them inputs their skills into creating such pieces. It’s to give you the finest quality helmets that you could ever have.

You can find other amazing medieval helmets from the MedievalArmor.Store since it’s your source of finely-made pieces. Just go through our collection of helmets and go for the items you love.

Why Choose Our Montefortino Helmet

The warriors who mainly utilized the Montefortino helmet of the past were the Celts. These helmets were put to use for various battles but were essential during the Pyrrhic Wars. It was even an important piece during skirmishes that occurred against the Carthaginian army.

In the Roman Republic, this helmet was considered the first stage of progress in developing the Galea.

Similar types of helmets could be found in places like Gaul and Spain. Some were even seen in the Northern sections of Italy.

Photo Source: Public Domain