Photo Source: Public Domain

Photo Source: Public Domain

Imperial Roman Face Helmet

Our Imperial Roman Face Helmet is an excellently crafted medieval piece. It’s made from high-quality steel and adorned with brass fittings.

This piece makes for an excellent sample of the original Roman helmet from history. With that, our helmet will be a great addition to any enthusiast’s collection or for a variety of events.

Our Imperial Roman Face Helmet’s Features

Our Imperial Roman Face Helmet’s design is taken from the classic helmets from the past. Like the original pieces, our helmet offers a rounded cap and protected side portions.

This Imperial Roman Face Helmet from our shop also comes with hinged face protectors. In the past, these were extremely vital to safeguard one’s cheeks while simultaneously protecting the ears from blows.

Compared to the design of our Galea helmet, the Imperial Roman Face Helmet doesn’t sport a unique visor. Instead, you’ll find a mask concealing the whole face but with holes for the eyes and mouth.

For a unique style, our helmet sports a design similar to the shape of one’s eyebrows. It also has imprinted metal markings in front of the helmet.

Our Imperial Roman Face Helmet is designed with a neck guard. It has both a ridged and sloped spot that connects to the main headpiece. In history, these areas were necessary to protect the user’s neck.

This piece has a set of cheek guards to protect one’s face, especially when you wear it for reenactments. These are linked to the helmet and created using the same material.

Materials Used

Our Imperial Roman Helmet is made from mild steel, which is 1.22 millimeters thick. This material has low carbon content, which makes it ductile. Aside from that, mild steel has high tensile strength, which makes it a great material for the helmet.

Looking at our helmet’s face protector, the material used for it is brass casting, which works perfectly with other fittings. An advantage of using this type of material is that it’s both corrosion and rust-resistant.

These materials that we utilized also make the helmet appear more ancient and traditional. Thus, making it an excellent centerpiece in your medieval collection.

Photo Source: Public Domain

Measurements and Personalizations

When checking the measurements for our Imperial Roman Face Helmet, it measures 19 centimeters from one ear to the other.

From front to the rear, the helmet is 22 centimeters in total. For its circumference, the helmet is about 66 centimeters and weighs 1.4 kilograms in total.

Customizations are possible but note that you can do this for the circumference and sheet thickness. For the sheet, you can select between a thickness of 18 and 20 gauge.

When it comes to the circumference, this will all be based on what you prefer.

Photo Source: Public Domain

The History of the Imperial Roman Face Helmet

When speaking of the original Imperial Roman Face Helmet, it was a highly protective gear worn by Roman legionaries. It was primarily derived from a Celtic piece yet featured a highly advanced design and features for enhanced protection.

These features include an angled neck guard accompanied by ribbings along the nape. There are projecting ear guards, decorative bosses, as well as brass trimmings.

In this day and age, all of these designs on the Imperial Roman Face Helmet are purely for aesthetics. Yet, in the past, these were crucial to ensure the protection and security of the wearer.

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Development of the Imperial Roman Face Helmet

The Imperial Roman Face Helmet was a type of headgear produced during the Imperial Roman Empire. As mentioned, it was an improved helmet that replaced the previous headgear. It was also the final stage of the development of Roman helmets.

Although the helmet was a fine piece utilized by numerous warriors in the past, it underwent numerous enhancements. Specifically, it was after the Roman warriors engaged in the Dacian Wars.

The helmet then had two iron bars that were connected crosswise. It was also set across the helm’s skull area. This upgrade to the helmet was necessary to guarantee the user’s protection against falx attacks.

Once the improvised Imperial Roman Face Helmet appeared, it completely replaced what was left of every classic Coolus helmet around. The latter was widely antiquated during the time when enhanced versions of the Montefortino were utilized.

It then established the last evolutionary stage of the galea or the legionary helmets.


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Like our different medieval pieces, our Imperial Roman Helmet is accurately made and looks just like the authentic headgear. You can utilize our Imperial Roman Face Helmet for various events. Or, you can add it to your growing collection of medieval pieces.

Photo Source: Public Domain