Photo Source: Public Domain

Photo Source: Public Domain

Imperial Gallic Helmet

Our Imperial Gallic Helmet is one of our popular medieval helmets. It is designed after the ancient Roman helms that were used by knights and soldiers of history.

Today, helmets are either worn for different occasions or are collected as fine pieces. No matter what you use it for, we’re sure to provide a quality Imperial Gallic helmet that’ll suit your preferences.

Materials Used for Our Imperial Gallic Helmet

When crafting our helmets and other medieval pieces, we make sure that all materials used are durable and tough.

To ensure that it’s tough, comfortable, and retains its form, we use mild steel to create our Imperial Gallic helmet. Aside from this, we included full brass castings and brass-based fittings to better replicate the helmet’s original form.

Of course, we included a face protector made of brass casting and brass fittings to enhance its antique look. These elements on our Imperial Gallic helmet are taken from the classic Imperial Gallic helmet from the past. Today, these may look just like decorative pieces; in the past, they were essential to protect the users during battle.

As for brass, it’s an ideal material for such pieces like our helmets and armor. That’s because it’s resistant to corrosion and rust, which often ruins these products’ aesthetics.

Aside from being resistant to such elements, brass looks perfect on our Imperial Gallic helmet. With that, you can turn it into a marvelous centerpiece to flaunt your growing medieval collection.

If not, you can even wear our helmet because it’s made comfortable for use.

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Our Imperial Gallic Helmet’s Appearance

If you want to have medieval pieces that look like the real thing, the MedievalArmor.Store is your perfect stop.

Like our Imperial Gallic helmet, it features a nicely rounded shape that fits the head comfortably.

There are cheek guards as well to further replicate the classic piece.

Compared to our classic Galea helmet that features a visor, our Imperial Gallic helmet has a mask instead.

You’ll find that it covers your entire face and has slits for your eyes and an opening for the mouth.

There’s enough room to breathe since we improved its form to allow for better ventilation.

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Sizing and Customization

When it comes to the measurements of our helmet, it’s 19 centimeters from ear to ear. Measuring it from front to back gives you 22 centimeters.

For the circumference of our Imperial Gallic helmet, it’s originally 66 centimeters. And overall, our helmet weighs 1.4 kilograms.

If you’re planning to customize our Imperial Gallic helmet, you can opt for an 18 or 20 gauge thickness. Though if you’re planning to customize its circumference, you can choose a measurement that you prefer.

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Imperial Gallic Helmet of the Middle Ages

Celtic craftsmen from Gaul first produced the ancient Imperial Gallic helmets. These featured a distinct pair of eyebrows that were embossed on the helmet’s forehead area. In the past, this specific spot was carefully and intricately made, as well as elaborately ornamented.

The helmet came with an arched neck guard that featured ribbings along the nape. There were projecting ear guards, decorative bosses, and brass trimmings as well.

The Imperial Gallic helmet was derived from the Celtic helmet. But despite that, the previous had more advanced and optimized features for better protection.

As time passed, where more battles were experienced like the Dacian wars, further developments to the helmet was made. The design and style improved, such as adding two riveted iron bars that went crosswise over the helmet’s skull.

An alternative to this design would be the presence of two thick bronze strips instead. These were connected to the top-most portion of a bronze auxiliary or legionary helmet. Experts suggest that this kind of improvement was made to protect the user against falx attacks.

These enhancements began as a field modification and were seen on numerous Imperial Gallic helmets. These helmets sported the enhancements against the falx, yet a few legionary helmets from Trajan’s Column were fixed with crossbars.

Due to its efficiency, the presence of these improvements became a standard element. They were considered a must on helmets produced from 125 AD throughout the later 3rd century AD.

Photo Source: Public Domain

Medieval Items from MedievalArmor.Store

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Not only that, but our pieces are made beautifully for added aesthetic value. And like our Imperial Gallic helmet, we make sure that it perfectly replicates the original battle helmet of history.

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