Great Helm

One of the most popular medieval helmets of all time is the Great Helm. And here at MedievalArmor.Store, we’ve recreated this amazing piece for everyone who has a fondness for the medieval period.

We’ve replicated the original Great helm from the High Middle Ages that became highly popular in the late 12th century.

Like in the past, we also refer to our Great Helm as the pot helm or heaume. If you’re a fan of the Crusaders, this piece is definitely a must-have for your collection.

The Great Helm of the MedievalArmor.Store

Our Great Helm is an accurate replica of the traditional headgear used by the European knights of the medieval era.

To produce this helmet, we only used high-quality materials for its body, form, and decor. Not only that, but aside from its appearance, we also ensure its durability and toughness.

Of course, our Great Helm and other medieval products that we have, are comfortable for use and wear. Like the armor and helmets, you can readily wear them without worrying about feeling any discomfort.

Match our Great helm with a great piece of armor from our collection. Or, you can pair it with one of our amazing shields.

It doesn’t matter if you’ll use our helmet as a decorative piece or as a costume for various events. The MedievalArmor.Store offers nothing but the best products that will satisfy your needs for medieval pieces.

Sizing and Customization of Our Great Helm

Like all helmets in our store, our Great Helm is adequately sized so that you can wear it comfortably. If needed, we offer customizations for the sheet’s thickness and circumference that’s more suitable for your preferences.
Here at the MedievalArmor.Store, we make sure that you’re satisfied with all the products that we offer. That’s the reason why we offer these customization options to you.

Moreover, the Great helm that we offer is made with the help of experts who only have perfection in mind. So the outcome of each production process is a well-made piece that’s worthy of being exhibited for everyone to see.

Made from the Best Materials

Here at MedievalArmor.Store, we ensure that all of our helmets, shields, and armor are made from high-quality materials.

This way, we can ensure that we’re providing you with medieval pieces that are of superior quality.

With the combination of our expert craftsmen’s skills and superior materials, you can expect to have the best products.

They’ll be durable and tough to withstand wear and tear, allowing you to have these pieces for years to come.

The inner portion of the helmet is made with leather linings that support and keep the helmet comfortable.

With the presence of this material, you can wear the helmet for hours without feeling any discomfort.

With that, we guarantee that our Great Helm is a perfect replica that looks just as perfect as the original.

Plus, it offers adequate amounts of protection as well, especially when worn for different events.

History of the Great Helm

In the past, the medieval helmets went through numerous evolution phases that enhanced and improved these pieces. Not only that, but some of these helmets’ features were only used for relatively short periods.

Like the conical battle helmets of the Normans during the late 12th century, it underwent some changes as time passed. It eventually evolved into the Great helm, which basically featured a flat-topped barrel to perfectly protect the wearer’s head.

By the time of the 14th century, the early conical shape of helmets reappeared. Because of this, the Great helm again experienced enhancements, giving it a more cone-like shape.

The flat tip of the helmet was rather easy to create. However, the conical shape was more efficient and beneficial for use during battles. It was able to deflect blows and projectiles from harming the wearer.

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Shifting to the Sugarloaf

As time passed, more enhancements and changes were made to the Great helm. Thus, the variation of this amazing piece became a known piece called the Sugarloaf helm. Once it altered to this version, it remained the more favored form of the Great helm throughout the century.

The helm was named the Sugarloaf helm because of the shape and form of its body. It was similar to the shape of the Sugarloaf. It was the common way to sell and store sugar in the past.

Like with other helmets and armor, the 14th century of history was the period of rapid changes. By the year 1350, the Great helm began getting superseded by the Bascinet.

Despite this, the Great helm was continuously utilized by some individuals during this time. Specifically, it was utilized in the popular sport of jousting.

And even if the Bascinet replaced the Great helm in popularity, the latter was still essential. It was often seen being depicted in period art up until the 15th century.