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Gjermundbu Helmet

The Gjermundbu helmet appeared during the Viking age and was accidentally discovered in Gjermundbu farm, Buskerud Norway.

To be fair, this specific Viking helmet is the only piece that features protective spectacles during this age. When it comes to its construction, it’s entirely unknown until today.

If you want to use this helmet or add it to your collection of medieval pieces, don’t worry. That’s because we offer a selection of finely-made Gjermundbu helmets just for you.

Characteristics of Our Gjermundbu Helmet

History of the Gjermundbu Helmet

The Gjermundbu helmet was first found by accident on March 30, 1943. As mentioned, it was discovered at the huge Gjermundbu farm, located near Haugsbygd in Ringerike, a municipality in Buskerud, Norway.

Later, the officials at the University of Oslo were notified.

This discovery was followed by an investigation led by Conservator Sverre Marstrander and museum assistant Charlotte Blindheim. Eventually, they confirmed that a historical burial chamber dating from the Viking era existed there.

This headgear, which was eventually referred to as the Gjermundbu helmet, was found in nine fragments and reconstructed later. The helmet had the shape of a peaked cap formed by four plates, and it was made of iron.

Today, the Gjermundbu helmet is exhibited at the University of Oslo’s Museum of Cultural History in Norway.

Features of Our Gjermundbu Helmet

Our Gjermundbu helmet is based on the original model of this Viking helmet and is made of mild steel. It’s a perfect piece to use for reenactments or to add to your collection.

Since it’s designed after the original piece, our Gjermundbu helmet will be a perfect piece for reenactors to wear. Its material is also durable enough to provide head protection.

If you collect various medieval pieces, our Gjermundbu helmet is also a perfect addition to your collection. It has the accurate design of a classic Gjermundbu helm used by the Vikings.

Carefully Crafted for Protection

Our Gjermundbu helmet was carefully crafted to provide you with adequate protection. It features a skull-like cap, and around the eye area, you’ll find riveted bands for reinforcement and decoration.

The eyepiece of our Gjermundbu helmet appears like a basic masquerade mask. When you wear this headgear, this portion will protect your eyes from blows during reenactments.

Provides Adequate Comfort

Aside from protecting your face and head, our Gjermundbu helmet will also keep you comfortable with its adjustable chin strap. It will also keep the helmet steady and in place when you wear it.

Carefully and Accurately Crafted

While there are several stores selling replica helmets on the market, our Gjermundbu helmet is accurately crafted. It doesn’t only appear like an ordinary helmet, but it’s close to the original piece used in the Viking age.

With that, it has become one of the pieces that collectors want to have.

Since it’s made with high-quality steel, it offers sufficient protection, making it a favorite of reenactors.

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Measurements of the Gjermundbu Helmet

Our Gjermundbu helmet’s measurements from front to back measures 23cm. From ear to ear, it’s 19cm. It has a circumference of 66cm. For its weight, it’s 1.7kg.

Gjermundbu Helmet Customizations

When purchasing our Gjermundbu helmet, you can have its circumference customized based on your preference. Aside from that, you can choose its sheet thickness; we offer 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20-gauge.

By having our Gjermundbu helmet customized, you can have the perfect helmet size and enjoy its comfort.

Materials Used

The material used to make our Gjermundbu helmet is mild steel or low carbon steel, which is malleable and ductile. This material has low tensile strength but easy to form.

The sheet thickness of our Gjermundbu helmet is 1.2mm.

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Like every other helmet we offer, our Gjermundbu helmet is a high-quality piece. It has an accurate design and was created using carefully selected materials.

Because of that, both reenactors and collectors always choose our medieval helmets.