Crusader helmet

A Crusader helmet is often utilized by the European knights who fought in the Crusades. The Crusades started in the 11th century until the 15th century. To complete our list of Medieval helmets, we also have the Crusader helmet in our collection.

Our helmet comes with a signature shape and design that mimics that of the original Crusader helmet. Hence, it was a favored piece back then, was the most popular helmet used by the warriors. The Crusader helmet was also referred to as the Great Helm.

To complete your collection of Medieval helmets, why not include our Crusader helmet to it? They’re made from fine materials and look just like the original pieces from history. Thus, it makes the helmets a must-have for every collector and enthusiast around.

Specifications of Our Crusader Helmet

The standard thickness of our Crusader helmet has a gauge of 18/20. However, it’s available to customize if you prefer to have a different thickness to it.

Our Crusader helmet is sure to be comfy once you wear it. The reason for its comfort is due to the right measurements we ensure for an enhanced fit.

It measures 19cm from one ear to another, while its dimensions from back to front are 23cm. The circumference of the helmet is around 66cm, and it weighs a total of 4kg.

Features of the Crusader Helmet

When looking at our Crusader helmet, it’s design and style comes from the ones utilized by warriors of the past.

In ancient times, this helmet was used primarily to protect the user who would run off to battle. It would provide enhanced protection against blows and attacks from the enemy.

Our version of the Crusader helmet is crafted using top-notch materials and is crafted carefully to ensure it’s quality. It’s not only aesthetically beautiful and attractive, but it’s comfortable and wearable as well.

History of the Crusader Helmet

The Crusades began in the 11th century. They continued after the 15th century, which was when their helmets were worn over the mail. A smaller helm was also set in place.

Their helmets were beautifully-made, yet were as menacing due to the design of their eye slits. The Crusader helmet was a strong gear capable of absorbing great shocks from attacks during battles.

During this period, the Crusader helmets were utilized by the crusading knights. But it was the time when the design and shape evolved and improved significantly.

This helmet provides a lot of advantages and disadvantages. But despite this, it was able to provide superior protection to the user.

The Disadvantage of the Crusader Helmet

Although useful in numerous ways, the Crusader helmet also had its disadvantages.

One of its primary issues was the weight of the original helmet, as well as its design. Since the helmet featured little eye slots, the user’s vision was blocked. This resulted in knights not having the proper view during battles.

Moreover, the Crusader helmet was quite heavy, so using it in battle slowed down the warrior, which wasn’t convenient. Lastly, due to the construction, it provided less ventilation. Hence, it would cause overheating in hot weather.

This was one reason why it declined in popularity in the 15th century.

Advantage of the Helmet

Of course, the Crusader helmet had advantages as well. The fact that it was solidly constructed makes it ideal for protecting the users during battle. It was able to deflect any blows that were aimed directly on the soldier’s head.

The helmet only had a couple of small-sized openings, which would be impossible for enemies to pierce through.

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Crusader Helmet from the MedievalArmor.Store – An Excellent Piece for Every Enthusiast and Collector

Our Crusader helmet is an accurate replica of the medieval helmet worn by the Crusades. It’s a finely made piece that makes use of durable and high-quality materials. With that, it’s a perfect addition to your collection of medieval pieces.

Our Crusader helmet conceals the entire head, offering full protection from accidental blows. It also has adequately sized eye slits to provide you with a proper field of view. Additionally, it features butted chainmail, which looks like the headgear from history.

With these impressive features, our Crusader helmet is excellent for LARP, stage plays, films, and other reenactments.

Aside from our Crusader helmet, we also have other types of medieval helmets. We have a wide range of high-quality medieval pieces available, which is why history enthusiasts always choose us.