Casque helmet

Our casque helmet that’s available in the MedievalArmor.Store is a replica of the original piece from the medieval period.

When looking at this helmet, you’ll notice that it’s quite similar to some Western European headgear. That’s because our casque helmets were based on these helmets, which were utilized from the 9th century to around 1250.

The casque helmets that we have exhibit the style and design of the classic piece. That’s the reason why it comes with a more simple design compared to our other helmets available.

Looking at the original casque, these display a minimalist theme. That’s because aesthetics, style, and design were secondary, and the helmet’s durability and strength were more important.

The Unique Appeal of Our Casque Helmet

Our casque helmet may appear simple, but what makes it unique is its conical appearance. It had a specific function that was essential in the past since it helped deflect assaults to the head.

Yet, in this day and age, this specific form and design isn’t necessary for battles. Instead, it’s replicated to provide you with the exact form of the casque. Plus, it’s mainly created for aesthetics.

Physical Features of the Casque Helmet

Our casque helmet is characterized by having a casque or nose guard, hence, its name. This guard is made of a single piece of steel that extends towards the browband or skull. It then goes over the nose to act as a protective piece.

Like the earlier casque helmets, ours have a conical shape, which was a universal style of such helmets.

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The Material of Our Casque Helmet

Mild steel is used to produce our casque helmet. Since it has low carbon content, this material is lightweight, making it easy and comfortable to wear.

Additionally, mild steel is adequately durable with its high tensile strength. With that, you can ensure that our helmet will last for years.

Customizable Sizes

Like all of our medieval helmets, you can customize the size of our casque helmet. You can have this helmet with your preferred circumference and sheet thickness. With that, you can wear our medieval helmet without feeling any discomfort, even for long periods.

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The Traditional Casque Helmet

The casque helmet is also known as the Norman casque. It was one of the significant parts of warriors and soldiers’ armory in the medieval age.

Additionally, this headgear provided adequate protection for the wearer while on the battlefield.

Traditionally, casque helmets were often worn over a mail coif that protected the lower parts of one’s head and neck. The coif could be a separate piece of armor, but sometimes, it was made as an extension of the mail coat.

Some casque helmets featured rivets and holes around the lower edge. These are
indications that the helmet was lined with a mail coif. However, no linings have survived.

Before the improved medieval helmets were developed, soldiers of all ranks utilized the casque helmet for almost seven centuries.

Although casque helmets provided sufficient protection for one’s head and nose, it was still an open helmet with disadvantages. Because of that, the closed helmet was eventually produced in the late 9th century. The latter provided additional protection while on the battlefield.

Since the closed helmet featured a simple design, mass production of the closed helmet was easy. As a result, this enclosed headgear became widely used, leading to the decline of the casque helmet. The closed helmet also replaced earlier helmet types based on the late Roman types, like the ridge helmet.

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The Decline of the Casque Helmet

The casque helmet started losing its popularity by the end of the 12th century. As mentioned, it was replaced by the close helmets and other types of headgear that provided extra facial protection.

While the use of casque helmets was declining among the higher-class knights and men-at-arms, archers still utilized these. It’s because the open-face design of casque helmets offered a wide, uninterrupted field of view, which was crucial for archers.

Other knights throughout the French Maciejowski Bible dating back to 1250 also wore casque helmets with rounded skulls. With that, some knights likely preferred helmets that offered a better view and hearing than protection.

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