Our Barbute helmet is an accurately crafted and designed replica of the classic Barbute from the medieval period. It sports the same design, exterior, and looks, making it the perfect piece to have for your collection.

When looking at our helmet, it appears just like the original. Plus, we made sure to create it to be just as tough and durable as the classic Barbute helmet.

To create our Barbutes helmet, we only make use of high quality materials. Of course, that also goes for our other medieval products. Aside from the toughness of our helmet, it comes with the noticeably accurate design and features to properly replicate the helmet.

With that, our pieces are definitely great for display and to include in your collection. You can also wear these for various occasions or events where you need to portray a medieval age warrior.

The Appearance of Our Barbute

If you aren’t that familiar with our Barbutes, these are visorless helmets featuring the 15th-century design of Italian helmets. It sports a unique shaped-opening for your eyes and mouth, and of course, we make sure that it’s comfortable to wear.

You can call our Barbutes a specialized type of sallet since both these helmets are based on the earlier bascinet. But taking a look at our Barbutes, they resemble the classic Greek helmets, especially the Corinthian types.

Technically, our Barbute helmets are described as having formal beauty due to its style and efficiency. The defining aspects of our pieces include the extension of its sides towards its midline.

Originally, this part of the Barbutes was utilized as a form of protection. It covered the sides of a person’s face to prevent unwanted blows from the enemies. But since our helmets won’t be utilized in battle, the inclusion of this is to perfectly replicate the classic Barbutes.

The portion of our Barbutes that covers the nose has always been present. In the past, they came in a variety of forms, but regardless, they were made to safeguard the user’s face.

To ensure that this part of our helmet is secure, it’s reinforced by a riveted-on rim. This part extends to the lower edge of the Barbutes and incorporates a unique projection to safeguard your nose.

We shaped it to protrude adequately to provide proper ventilation and vision when you wear the helmet. You can wear our helmet and give off the ultimate medieval warrior look. To achieve this, gear up with a plate gorget to achieve that classic medieval knight appeal.

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Customization of Our Barbutes

Wearing medieval helmets like our barbutes shouldn’t be uncomfortable. With that, we offer customizations for you to enjoy this wonderful piece without any discomfort.

You can choose your preferred circumference and sheet thickness at certain gauges for absolute comfort when you wear our barbutes.

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The Barbute in History

The original and ancient Barbutes were worn by warriors from the past. These were usually matched with a stiff mail collar, which was a standard piece for increased protection. It safeguarded the user’s neck and throat, which was the usual target of enemies on the battlefield.

Some samples of the barbutes that were found were decorated and covered in rich, beautiful decorative fabrics. Often, heavy velvet was used for this.

A couple of the surviving pieces of these Barbutes have keyhole-shaped holes along the skull’s apex. These are necessary features to attach a variety of decorative crests.

The classic Barbutes had low front to back ridges and were elevated from the top of the piece’s skull. It functioned by strengthening the helmet without having to increase the weight of it. Technically, having a helmet that was more protective yet light was essential for the ancient warriors.

Our helmets

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In the past, medieval helmets, armor, and shields went through various modifications throughout the years. Different designs emerged because of the numerous developments of technologies and the use of different materials. But despite the changes, each type of armory had its unique advantages.

When it comes to our helmets in MedievalArmor.Store, we use high-quality steel for the exterior and the most comfortable interior linings. With that, you can enjoy wearing these medieval pieces with maximum comfort.

Together with using the best materials, we offer customization for our helmets. You can have our barbutes and any other helmet you want with your preferred circumference.

Additionally, we have a vast range of helmets to choose from. Aside from the barbutes, we also have different types of Roman, Viking, Greek, and German helmets. The same applies to our shields and armor.

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