Photo Source: Public Domain

Photo Source: Public Domain


Our armet is a replica of an ancient medieval helmet that was produced in the 15th century. Before, this helmet was greatly used by the equestrian knights from France, Italy, England, Spain, and the Low Countries.

It was known as being the very first helmet of its time to enclose the entire head. This is while keeping things light and compact enough to easily move.

Today, you can easily purchase and own this amazing helmet that was popular during the medieval period. Here at the Medieval Armor.Store, we offer you our version of the ancient armet helmet.

It’s made from top quality materials and is comfortable enough to wear. Plus, it offers the right amount of protection and is tough enough to last.

The Appearance of Our Armet

Like the original armet, our version of this medieval helmet is fully enclosed. It’s narrowed down to follow the contours of your neck and throat.

There’s a mechanical way to open and close the helmet that’ll allow you to wear it easily.

Like the classic armet of history, our version comes with four different sections. A skull, a visor with a double pivot, plus two huge hinged cheek pieces. Do note that the pivots on our armet are on either side of the helmet’s skull.

The face opening of our helmet is created in the area between the bowl’s rim. It’s also along the sides of the cheek pieces – a spot protected and enclosed by a short pointy visor. This specific part is hinged to the pivots on each side of the helmet’s bowl.

The right section of our helmet’s visor is cut with a slot and holes for proper ventilation. Plus, it features a lifting peg as well.

A reinforced cusped brow is attached to the front part of the bowl. You’ll find a rondel or circular plate as well, that’s linked by a short stem to the bowl’s base. Specifically, it’s found along the rear of the helmet.

Photo Source: Public Domain

The Form and Bevor of Our Armet

The feel and touch of our armet are compact, smooth, and rounded.

It’s to display the streamlined look of the classic 15th-century Italian helmet in general.

We replicated the armet’s snug-fitting form.

In the past, this became a highly necessary, ingenious, and practical construction for a helmet.

It was even more ideal due to the hinged cheek pieces that open up to make wearing the helmet easier.

Though there are overlapping plates on the helmet, some parts are left vulnerable.

This is specifically along the front of the chin area and near the visor’s edge. To add protection to these sections,

we included a bevor that fit over the lower front-half section of our armet.

The presence of the bevor on our helmet was necessary to better copy the original helmet.

This was essential to protect the front section of the neck from random attacks from weapons in the past.

The ventilation holes of our armet are only set on one section of the visor.

You may wonder why it was designed this way. However,

there is a specific reason why the original featured the ventilation holes in this manner.

Ventilation is only set on one side to prevent the exposed and abused side of the visor from getting weak.

If ventilation holes were set on this area, it could easily bend and later, break.

Photo Source: Public Domain

The Armet of the 15th Century

Throughout centuries of its long continuous use, the armet went through several gradual changes to its design. One good sample to note can be dated back to the year 1940, which was towards the end of its development.

Some features that distinguished the armet from other medieval helmets would be its prominent comb. Aside from this, its other notable features include a huge cusped eyebrow concealing almost the entire half of the skull.

Another is the lower edges curved out to conceal the cheek piece’s hinges. The front edge that’s flipped out to protect the eyes is another. Plus, the visor’s shape and the big inverted face opening with a semi-circular form are distinct features.

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